Monday, September 9, 2013

Professional deer trackers of Michigan

State Certified Tracker Rob Miller & Sypris
(810) 240-4891 I live in Genesee Co. Counties I will track in: Lapeer,Oakland,Livingston,Ingham,Shiawassee,Saganiaw,Tuscola,Jackson,,Calhoun,Eaton,Clinton,Gratiot,Sanilac,St. Clair,Macomb,Washtenaw,Lenawee,Hillsdale,Branch

State Certified Tracker Mike Riepen

(248)200-9805 Tracker Mike can track in Oakland, Livingston, Alcona, oscoda. Macomb, genesee , shiawassee , lapeer, washtenaw, lenawee, hillsdale, alpena, iosco, oscoda, St. Clair, ingham , Monroe

State Certified Tracker Eric Eliis

(989) 326-1066 Counties Eric Tracks, Shiawassee Genessee Lapeer Sanillac Tuscola Huron Saginaw Bay Clinton Gratiot Livingston Shiawassee Ingram Eaton Ionia Montcalm Midland

State Certified Tracker Chuck Collier

(989) 255-3825 We try to work in the Montmorency, Alpena, Alcona, Presque Isle and Oscoda Counties (North East Michigan) . I work alot but if we are free we will try to be there.

State Certified Tracker Mark Krull

(231 )218-3944 Immediate Counties: Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Antrim. Can travel to: Leelanau, Benzie, Manistee,Wexford, Missaukee, Roscommon, Crawford, Otsego, Emmet, Charlevoix and Cheboygan

Tracker Jeff Murphy 

517-449-2638 Tracker Jeff will track in Clinton,Ingham,Eaton Counties. Will travel when available.
Tracker Bian Westra 
(616) 430-7938 Brian will track in a 1 hour radius of GrandRapids. If he has the time he will travel farther.

Tracker Jim Mayer, Upper Peninsula
906-440-3516 counties Jim will track in Chippewa,Mackinac and Luce county.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deer tracking hounds on FaceBook


Are you a Michigan Hunter?  Do you have a white tail addiction?  Have you ever failed to recover  deer?

Join us on Facebook and follow our stories of success.  Get your questions answered about the use of tracking dogs to recover wounded animals.  Connect with a tracker near you and get some phone numbers locked in your phone prior to hunting season.  Be prepared in advance for those situations that may arise in the upcoming hunting season.  Our trackers are professional, experienced, and represent your best odds of a successful recovery.  We handle every track as if it was our own deer that we are trying to recover, while we cannot guarantee a successful recovery every time we do guarantee that we will give 100% on each and every track.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Peterson Bow Hunting Magazine

Michigan Deer track'n hounds is Featured in the October issue of Peterson Bow Hunting magazine. The story is called Gone to the dogs. When the blood trail stops what do you do next can be the deciding factor in recovering your wounded deer. Tracking dogs in the United States are being utilized more and more every year. Hunters are realizing that cold nose tracking dogs are the real deal. Dogs can successfully track a deer after it has rained and up to 40 hours after the deer has been wounded. Michigan deer tracking dogs recommends that every hunter should find a tracking dog near them and store the handlers phone number just in case there is no blood to follow. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Michigan deer track'n hounds on Facebook

For those that are on Facebook and would like to interact with Michigan deer tracking hounds stop over to our Facebook page. Ask us question about our services and if you have used us in the past post a picture and a testimonial about using MDTH.
We love to chat with our clients and fans.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Michigan blood tracking dogs

Madison shot this beautiful 8 point with a crossbow and the bolt was tipped with a 3 blade "Rage". She made an amazing 40 yard shot. The bolt hit exactly where she was aiming. She ended up hitting 1 lung and sliced the very bottom of the Liver. Bill and his good friend blood trailed the buck until 11pm that night. At times the blood trail looked very promising. They eventually hit a void in the blood trail and soon realized they need some help. I tracked for Bill last year so he already new how the whole tracking dog operation works. He decided not grid search and call in the hounds. I showed up 16 hours after the shot. We started at the shot site and off we went following Sypris. Sypris followed the blood trail with ease. We covered the distance the Bill previously tracked with in a few Minutes. We quickly got to last blood and at this point Bill and Madison stayed out until they could hear me call out blood. Well I went some distance until I visual could find any blood. I found some blood to confirm Sypris work however we were to far away for Bill to hear me. I never stop my hounds once they are locked on so we continued to track on with out Bill and Madison. A few hundred yards farther we found her first buck. I started screaming we found it, we found it. Bill was more than 300 yards away and could not hear me so I ran all the way back to inform them of the great news. This buck would have never been found with out the help of a tracking dog. The buck traveled .63 of a mile.

Michigan blood tracking dogs

October 2 I received a message on FaceBook. Darrell Casey of Ionia michigan (The owner of Shack Hunting Blinds) shot a dandy 9 point buck. With all of the EHD killings Darrell was very fortunate to see this mature Buck. While on stand Darrell had a few 11/2 year old bucks sparing around him. His blind was along a small stream on the edge of swamp grass and while the young bucks where trying to feel like tough guys they actually called in the crab claw 9. Darrell was able to watch him for 45 min and as the big 9 closed the distance and ran off the young bucks that's when Darrell made the 17 yard shot quartering too shot. The arrow tipped with a two blade rage zipped right through him. The buck went 70 yards and bedded up in a brush island in the swamp grass. Darrell waited 4 hours before tracking his buck. While approaching the area where he watched the buck bed down he noticed his buck was still alive and walked off into the marsh following a four wheeler path and at this point Darrell backed out. I showed up and starting at the shot site and right away I find gut matter to confirm that the quartering to shot must have exited out the paunch. Sypris locked on right away and followed the bucks every move. At first the blood trail was weak and as we approached the area the big 9 bedded I noticed a lot of liver in the wounded bed. Sypris tracked out of the thicket and onto the path and Darrell said this is where I seem him last. We found only a few drops of blood. While tracking in the direction the big 9 went Darrell and I were looking for blood to confirm Sypris work and neither of us could find any. As we were heading into the heart of the swamp Sypris took a 90 degree turn to the right leaving the safety of the swamp into a hardwood forest. Both of us did not see any blood transfer on the grass to confirm her work. Darrell was having doubts at this point. As Sypris and I work the woods Darrell hollers out "Do you think she is on it" I replied and said yes and there is your Buck!!!!!! Darrell quickly replies "I would have never found him in here because I thought he would have stayed in the swamp" " Rob your the man". Moments like this is why I track and in most cases we do not find our clients deer for whatever the many reason are however this is what I live and train for:).